Algistor takes care of your Greenhouse Gasses

Sterile algae and bacteria manufacturing

What Algistor Will Do for You

Farm algae

We farm algae and bacteria that use photosynthesis in a sterile environment. The organisms consume CO2 as well as NOx.

Industrial level

To be able to sell the algae and bacteria, the production needs to be at an industrial scale. with our partner Reagrio, we will be able to produce app 80.000 tons of algae at their pants.

From pilot to manufacturing

If you have an interest in adding fatty acids, proteins, or carbohydrates to your process, or algae, we can begin to test it in the lab and support you in the scale-up to industrial manufacturing. Our network also holds a lot of potential customers.


We are continuously testing new algae to be able to find the best one for just your next product.

Algae Farming With Artificial Intelligence

Next pulp, or oil for the paper market

Food for humans or animals

Our process

Developing tomorrows products, medicines or food we always start out at the labb, by ourselves or through a partner. After passing the labb stage, we scale it at a facility to make sure that we understand how to farm the algae in larger scale, we train the AI. Before scaling up to industrial lavel in form a long-term partnership in order for both parties to continuously invest in improvement. 

Lab testing

Small scale


Large scale