The team

We are a team of experienced Entrepreneurs with a mission of using everything in our processes. in Algistors case it Means Using the Greenhouse gasses to farm micro algaes.

Roscoe Wilson

Roscoe Wilson

Head of Public Affairs

With more than 30 years in Public Affairs, both in South Carolina as well as in Washington.

Staffan Andersson

Staffan Andersson

Head of Operation

With more than 20 years as Head of Operations and Quality

Truls Sjöstedt

Head of technology

With more than 15 years as a Head of Technology, most of the time in the MedTech sector.

Hans Melin

Head of project

with more than 20 years of international industrial projects

Henrik Norström

Head of New Business

With more than30 years of leading positions in multiple companies

Magnus Kolaas

Head of Sales

With more than 30 yeas in leading international positions as marketing, sales and innovation management

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