Explore algae with Algistor

Contact us, so we together can explore how we can grow algae that you can use in your protection or, if you have Greenhouse emissions and a piece of land and are interested in becoming Carbon Neutral.

our process


Algistor collaborates with different developers to bring forward the algae that matches our customers needs.


We are able to farm the algae in real environment thanks to the zones in our tree


Once we have found the right specie, we can step by step increase the volumes. This enable us to keep control of the process.

Plant Varieties

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We run a 24/7 operation and are always there to assiste our partners.

New Ventures

Through our partnership with SCRA, we have set a side a part of our farm for research and development. We support young companies in their development.

Contact us!

If you have an idea, emission, or, think that our algae, oil, carbohydrates, or protein are something that can help you 
in your operations, please send us a note.