Absorbing Emissions

Our Algae absorbs Greenhouse Emissions growing the next generation of products.

What Will Algistor Do for You?

Identify Spiecies

Based on your need and the current weather and environmental circumstances, Algistor will select the best spices for you.

Data modeling

Algistor's farming model is based on multiple AI models in order to maximize both the yield and the quality thereof.

Industrial size

We build our plants for industrial scale, with an active volume of 88,000 m3.

24/7 Operation

We have staff on site 24/7/365 to ensure that we maintain the highest security.

Plant Recognition by Artificial Intelligence

The AI optimize for various products enables to autonomous automated lab tests.

If the AI fails, then the algae is used as feedstock, all in accordance with Algistor’s zero-waste mission.